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Elite Vertical Leap With Vert Shock – Is It The Next Thing?

killer-vertNothing can replace practicing for implementing every aspect of the game of basketball. It’s only when you practice your jump time and time again again, that you develop coordination and different abilities when it relates to the things that are crucial to win on the court. The workouts you do however, must be planned in a way that they target the right areas of your body.

Vert Shock is a new program suggested for basketball players which I’m going to explain about on this post. You will see how jumping higher can help your team win the most toughest games.

The fact that Vert Shock states this too prevents it from being a scam. A scam could only be if the program claimed that no work was required. Needless to say, you will find actual reviews online from real people that used Vert Shock. If this is not enough to win your trust, Adam Folker can get you in contact with users who have volunteered to provide their thoughts about the program. They get no money for doing this and everything is pretty much done voluntarily.

livingston-vertVert Shock has received a 100% satisfaction rate and it’s also considered to be the number one program on ClickBank, which is the site people go to to obtain their refunds. Refunds however are very rare and hardly anyone asks for their money back as they’re all fully happy with the the program and it really does help with getting that extra height required for a dunk.

Maybe you have seen those female beach volleyball players that are on TV. These women who jump high, just followed the principles outlined in Vert Shock, they’re not using steroids or any other substance that has legal and psychological ramifications.

What’s Wrong With Old Vert Training

In the past, big muscles were linked to being a great vertical jumper, the longer you spent time in the gym the higher your chances to jump high would be. This was a common misconception even for women. But bodybuilding is not the solution, and it’s now finally starting to become apparent that athletes should use dedicated training for their vertical jump.

Vert Shock explains how your entire body is actually involved when you jump. To see how all of these things come into play read Jumpmanualblog’s overview of the program and watch the part where it says “How Vert Shock works“. Once you address the root cause of the problem you could add as much as 15 inches to your vertical.


Vert Shock has a wide range of training regimes that were created to get you started on your own. The “Shock” phase is different from the rest, due to the fact that it offers advice from Adam Folker himself. This phase also has a discussion board which is packed with players who are also looking to increase their vertical leap. In addition to that, the “Shock” board has athletes that have grown their verticals in a very short time.

Dunking is probably the most challenging skill to master in basketball, so it will be ideal for you to practice it during your jump workouts. Beginners should be aware of the right techniques for jumping, stepping, dunking and then making the layup shot. As you learn more about the program, you must do your layups when your defenders can’t guard you, just like you would in a real game.

The dunk is the hardest shot of the game and is also one of the most challenging ones to get. It is a skill that should quite simply be performed correctly with plenty of practice. Therefore, a workout routine like Vert Shock should be integrated into your vertical leap training.